Belleville, Kansas
Unofficial Information Page

This is a collection of information regarding the fine city of Belleville Kansas. The photos come from my own collection and from finds on the internet. Send your photos, stories, memories and other Belleville-related information to: tom (at) inirgee (dot) com
Thank you and enjoy!
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Located on the square:

1316 19th St
Belleville, KS 66935

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The Historic Blair Theater

Historic Blair Theater Belleville KS Kansas
Belleville%20bank%20color%20post%20card%201914.jpg Belleville%20Bank%20post%20card%201910.jpg
 Belleville%20bank%20west%20side%20square%202.jpg Belleville%20Christian%20Church%201908.jpg
Belleville%20Commercial%20st%20hotel%201906.jpg Belleville%20bank%20west%20side%20square.jpg
belleville%20Commercial%20Street.jpg Belleville%20bank%20color%20post%20card%201914.jpg
Belleville%20DeKalb%20sign%20001.jpg  Belleville%20old%20courthouse.jpg
Belleville%20Light%20Plant%20post%20card.JPG  Belleville%20PO%20old%20photo.jpg
Belleville%20old%20Bel-Villa%20Motel.jpg  Belleville%20post%20card%20Beulah%20Vaughn.jpg
Belleville%20post%20card%20images.jpg  Belleville%20west%20side%20looking%20North.jpg
Belleville%20school%20buildings%20Monroe%20st%201908.jpg Belleville%20South%20Square.jpg
Bridgman%20Belleville.jpg Christian%20church%20belleville%201909.jpg
Christian%20church%20belleville%201909.jpg M%20street%20Belleville%201940s%20600.jpg
M%20street%20Belleville%201940s.jpg Belleville%20old%20courthouse%202.jpg
Belleville%20old%20M%20street%20hotel.jpg Belleville%20High%20School.jpg
National%20Bank%20Belleville%20KS.jpg Belleville%20Downtown%201919.jpg
Aerial photo of Belleville, KS
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